Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Blahs

I know, I know. It's been awhile. And every time I write, I say that I'm going to post more frequently...but it never happens.


Well. I was going to say that I'm busy (teaching 6 classes), but everyone is busy. I was also going to say that I haven't been feeling well lately, but that's no excuse.

Okay, so I have no excuse.

This semester has been a busy one, and there are moments when I can't wait until December 18th when it will all be over. But that's over two months away, so for now I'm just keeping my head down and doing what I have to do.

I did manage to find time to have some fun last weekend at the Dodge Poetry Festival. I met Lucille Clifton, whom I want to adopt as my grandmother. I also met Chris Abani, whose poetry blew me away, and Sharon Olds, who read a series of new poems inspired by Neruda's Odes. My favorite was "Ode to the Douchebag."

20 minutes later...
I just met with a student, and now I only have 15 minutes before my next class. So...until next time.


Andi said...

Ode to a Douchebag!!!! Sounds right up my alley.

It's good to see you posting any time--sporadic or not. Keep that head down. That's what I'm doing too!

Kalesy said...

I think many of us bloggers feel the same - we want to write, can't write, have to write, have nothing to write, can't not write... - it's truly a Catch 22.

Thank you for posting no matter what you feel. I am trying to incorporate my travels across country and hopefully will find some additional readers.

The best to you. For some inspiration, try some hot apple cider at Powells while listening to yoga CDs.. :-)