Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wicked Tired

Sorry, folks, for not posting in 6 months. I'm not quite sure where the time went. Plenty has happened since March, and I'm not quite sure why I've been avoiding blogging. It could be that I'm wicked tired all of the time, and typing is just too much of an effort.

The biggest news is that I'm pregnant! I'm 14 weeks along, and due March 14th. It came as a (very happy) surprise back in July, and I'm very excited. I've been very lucky, not having had much morning sickness. But I've been so, so tired that I just want to sleep every second of the day. Which was (almost) fine over the summer when I was only working 20 hours a week with a very flexible schedule. Now that I'm back to teaching, well...there's not much time for napping.

Speaking of teaching, I have class in 55 minutes. Which means some last minute prepping and copying for me.

I promise, though, that I'll keep up with this blog for the two of you who read it.