Friday, March 21, 2008

Has it really been a month?

Life knocked me off my platforms
So I pulled out my first pair of boots

Bought on the street at Astor Place

Before New York was run by suits

And I suited up for the long walk
Back to myself
Closer to the ground now

With sorrow
And stealth

-- Ani DiFranco

Has it really been over a month since I've written? Did anyone miss me?

Today is the last day of my spring break. I'm not ready to return to classes. [Though I am semi-excited about teaching my one class a lesson for calling my class "too feminist."] I've been sick for the past week, and I haven't done a thing aside from rest, really. Which is good. But I have a super long to-do list that I haven't addressed at all. I haven't even really read anything, aside from a little bit of Exam reading. Ugh.

Other than the sickness, life is good. OK, well, weird, really. Hence the Ani quote above. But I think things are looking up. I think. We'll see.

Racing season starts soon. Same car, new number.
I can't wait.

OK. Time to be a good housewife and get dinner ready.

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Andi said...

I missed you!! Sorry to hear you've been sick and that you have to go back to the grind. My break just started, but I'm sure it'll race by entirely too fast.

Happy Easter!